A Cat Named Murka Adopts Five Orphaned Hedgehogs After Tragic Accident

Murka the Cat Becomes an Unlikely Mother to Five Baby Hedgehogs


In the Rostov region of Russia, a cat named Murka has taken on an unexpected role as a mother to five baby hedgehogs. Their biological mother was tragically killed in a hay mowing accident near the home of Ekaterina Semenova, Murka’s owner.

About three weeks ago, workers were cutting tall grass near Semenova’s home using a hay mower. Unbeknownst to them, a hedgehog’s nest was hidden in the grass. The mower ran over the nest, killing the mother hedgehog and one of the baby hedgehogs. Five of the baby hedgehogs survived but were left orphaned and vulnerable.


Semenova brought the baby hedgehogs home and initially tried to feed them milk with a pipette, but it was unsuccessful. She then consulted a veterinary friend who advised her to find a nursing cat. As it turns out, Murka had recently given birth to a kitten and was still nursing. Semenova introduced the baby hedgehogs to Murka, who immediately accepted them as her own.

For the past three weeks, Murka has been nursing the baby hedgehogs, who have now grown spikes and opened their eyes. They live harmoniously with Murka’s kitten, and all seem to be part of one big, happy family.

Semenova is incredibly proud of her cat Murka, describing her as “kind and intelligent.”