New Beginnings: A Stray Dog’s Journey from Streets to Sweet Home After 11 Years

From Loneliness to Love: Solovino's Heartwarming Transformation


For over a decade, a stray dog braved the harsh streets of Los Angeles, enduring a life of solitude and survival. Known as Solovino, which translates to “he arrived alone” in Spanish, this resilient canine’s life was about to take a heartwarming turn.

Solovino’s days were filled with challenges. Sick, tired, and often hungry, he wandered the streets until, one day, he found himself on a stranger’s porch, seemingly ready to give up. Little did he know, this porch would become the gateway to a new chapter in his life.

The homeowner, moved by the sight of the elderly dog, began to feed him. Recognizing him as a stray, she reached out to Rocket Dog Rescue for help. Solovino was soon transferred to a shelter in San Francisco, where he awaited adoption. Despite his gentle nature, finding a forever home proved difficult, and he moved between foster homes for over a year.


Then, Carol Messina stumbled upon Solovino’s picture online. “As soon as I saw his face on their website, I wanted to love him,” she shared with The Dodo. Feeling it was fate, she adopted him, fully aware of his unhappy past.

Initially, Solovino was shy and unresponsive, a result of his tough upbringing. He was also discovered to be completely deaf and had significant dental issues. But Messina was undeterred. She showered him with love and patience, helping him adjust to his new life.

Over time, Solovino transformed. Once a withdrawn dog, he now smiles, rolls around, and runs joyfully. Messina’s dedication to Solovino inspired her to adopt more senior dogs in need of hospice care. Their story is a testament to the power of love and the hope that even after years of hardship, a happy ending is possible.