Incredible Video Of A Guy Nursing A Bumblebee Back To Health And He Even Gets A High Five From That Bumblebee


There have been a lot of campaigns and awareness programs about animal rights, we hear a lot about those wild animals like lions, tigers and etc. and pets like dogs and they having medical treatment and stuff but have you ever heard a story about a bumblebee being treated by a man?

If there’s anything YouTube is famous for, it is the number of ‘OH MY LORD WHAT JUST HAPPENED’ videos that are found there. The most recent addition to this category of unusual videos is a video by Dolph C. Volker. Dolph is known for posting adorable videos of himself with animals such as videos of him taking a nap with a cheetah or petting a lion. One might think that a video with a cheetah or a lion would be considered as the most popular video he’s ever uploaded, that could not be further from the truth.

On 16th April 2014, this animal activist posted a video of himself nursing a bumblebee back to health! While most people wouldn’t even go near the room with a bumblebee in it, this man well, I mean he took a nap with a cheetah for crying out loud. Dolph noticed that the bumblebee stood still on the door for quite some time and looked dehydrated. What did Dolph do? He poured some honey on his palm and proceeded to pick the bumblebee up and place it on his hand so that it may drink the honey.

To any person this would look like a clear cut invitation for the bumblebee to sting Dolph, but strangely, the bee did not and instead drank the honey till it was all gone. Afterwards, as a sign of gratitude, the creature known to put fear in the hearts of those a hundred times its size, highfive-d Dolph! Talk about raising someone right.



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