15-Year-Old Prodigy Creates Stunning Animal Drawings from Memory

A Young Artist's Memory Mastery: Bringing Animals to Life on Paper


Duan Krtolica, a 15-year-old Serbian artist, has astounded the art world with his incredible ability to create lifelike animal drawings entirely from memory. Beginning his artistic journey at the tender age of two, Krtolica’s talent was evident from an early age. His passion for the natural world, particularly animals, has been the driving force behind his remarkable artwork.

Krtolica’s drawings are not only anatomically precise but also capture the essence of each creature he depicts. His fascination with the animal kingdom was further fueled when his parents gifted him an extensive animal encyclopedia. Absorbing the images and information, Krtolica set out to draw every animal, from elephants to antelopes, with meticulous detail.

In addition to living creatures, Krtolica has a keen interest in dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. He recently had the opportunity to create and illustrate his own encyclopedia filled with prehistoric animals, showcasing his diverse artistic skills. Krtolica’s work is a testament to the power of memory and the boundless imagination of youth, making him a standout talent in the world of art.