Large Swarms of Monkey Rival Gangs Fight Over Food as Travel Bans Hit


Coronavirus hasn’t just hit the human populations hard, where we see people fighting over toilet paper; it has changed the way in which monkeys behave in Thailand.

Monkeys in Central Thailand, who were well fed by visiting tourists, have now formed into two separate rival gangs and are swarming and fighting for food on Thai streets. Since the drop in tourism, the monkeys seem desperate for food.

The apocalyptic scenes are astounding locals. One onlooker, who sees the monkeys on a daily basis, is shocked. “They looked more like wild dogs than monkeys. They went crazy for the single piece of food. I’ve never seen them this aggressive.”


Footage has captured the street violence as monkeys search for food. When one monkey discovers a banana, the chase is on for life and death.

“I think the monkeys were very, very hungry. There’s normally a lot of tourists here to feed the monkeys but now there are not as many, because of the coronavirus,” the onlooker explained.

The video below shows the monkeys fighting over the banana.