The Frozen Forests of Northern Finland: A Surreal Winter Wonderland

Exploring the Mystical Ice Formations of Finland's Boreal Forest


In the depths of winter, Northern Finland transforms into an ethereal landscape, where temperatures plummet to -40°C (-40°F). The Boreal forest, the world’s largest territorial biome, becomes a frozen spectacle for nearly half the year. The extreme cold causes the trees to turn into icy sculptures, creating a scene that seems straight out of a fantasy world.

The towering ice formations, set against a backdrop of endless white, offer a unique spectacle exclusive to the Finnish woodlands. As you wander through this mesmerizing frozen landscape, it feels as if the environment comes alive. The flora, rocks, and trees are all enveloped in white, taking on extraordinary shapes. They sometimes resemble an army of snowmen or even mythical creatures lying in ambush.

But what causes these trees to freeze into such peculiar forms? The answer lies in the high humidity levels of Northern Finland. The moisture-laden air causes water droplets to freeze upon contact with the trees, leading to these fascinating shapes.

For those interested in experiencing this winter marvel, Riisitunturi National Park is a must-visit. Located about 60 kilometers from the nearest airport in Kussamo, the park offers a captivating journey through huts scattered across the wilderness, leading you to a realm of stunning natural ice sculptures.