Portal on Mars? Nasa Images Show Latest Rover Discovery (VIDEO)

The Mars rover "Curiosity" is recording new spectacular photos of the Red Planet. The latest discovery: an opening in a rock that looks like a doorway. Find out what it really is in the video.


Is there or was there life on Mars? For years, speculations have been piling up. NASA has now made an impressive discovery.

Washington, D.C. – For years, there has been speculation about whether there is or has been life on Mars. For example, in February 2021, the Perseverance rover landed in the Jezero crater on Mars to take pictures. The photos show that water helped form the red planet billions of years ago. Now, once again, a NASA rover has taken pictures of Mars that offer room for speculation.

NASA photographs Mars – and makes astonishing discovery
NASA published a photo taken by the Mars rover “Curiosity” on May 7, 2022. On it to see should possibly be a proof that there could have been life on Mars.

In the NASA photo, you can see a small opening that looks like a doorway perfectly carved out of a rock. According to experts, the entrance could be only a few centimeters high and wide. What the phenomenon is actually about is unclear. Perhaps the discovery comes from a Mars quake and is not proof that there was life on Mars.

On the net speculations are announced, what the discovery on Mars could be about
In the social media, people are busy speculating what the NASA photo of Mars is about, as OE24.at reported. Thus, some suspect that it could be a portal that would be used by aliens. Still others think it could be an entrance to another universe. Perhaps it is also only an optical illusion, as some speculate. NASA is according to the report however safe that it concerns with the “door” only a small crevice on Mars.