Massive Shark Takes a Big Dump on Divers – Divers Panic


Wow, that is stunning.

We just wonder how the divers feel being there. They should be shocked and terrified at the moment by the sudden “rude behavior” of the shark?

BTW, how come the ‘dump’ is so yellowish? We haven’t seen any shark shit before and don’t have any studies on this topic, so we cannot tell, may be that shark had eaten a lot of curry? LOL


It is also interesting to see that a school of fish suddenly appear, from no where, urges to swallow the ‘dump’. Is that delicious? Anyway, that is organic and should be ok as food we guess…

A few interesting comments from the interent:

“Fish eat shit all the time. Every ocean going vessel pumps poop overboard. You’ve probably eaten tuna or some type of fish that ate our feces. The circle of life.”

“life is strange. those fish will risk their lives to eat the poo of the very creature they hide from.”

“Never saw a shark poop before, but I definitely wasn’t expecting a Holi color festival…”

“I like the little back bend and grunt to force it out. He/she knew what he/she was doing.”

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