Bridging the Gap: How Wildlife Crossings Are Revolutionizing Highway Safety and Biodiversity

Discover how the Banff Wildlife Crossings Project is making highways safer for both humans and animals. Learn about the innovative engineering solutions that have reduced animal-vehicle collisions by over 80%.


The Banff Wildlife Crossings Project in Canada serves as a groundbreaking initiative to protect both motorists and wildlife. Launched in 1978, the project aims to reduce vehicle collisions with animals and restore vital migration routes disrupted by highways.

The project has led to the construction of 38 underpasses and six overpasses, reducing animal-vehicle collisions by over 80%. These structures are not just functional but also blend seamlessly with the natural environment. They are covered in soil and vegetation to facilitate animal movement.

The project has been a resounding success, inspiring similar initiatives worldwide, from Asia to South America. It stands as a testament to the power of innovative engineering and inter-organizational collaboration in creating mutually beneficial solutions for humans and wildlife.