A Trophy Hunter Who Hunted Lions And Elephants Gets Devoured by Crocodiles.

    All animal lovers oppose trophy hunting. It's hard to understand why people like killing critically endangered animals like lions and rhinos.


    All animal lovers oppose trophy hunting. It’s hard to understand why people like killing critically endangered animals like lions and rhinos.

    Despite resistance from conservation organizations, this “sport” is still permitted in many places despite the fact that it has led to the extinction of numerous species.

    But occasionally, the animal realm has its own sense of fairness… and one hunter experienced his “karma,” which can be interpreted as his fate.


    A well-known South African hunter was Scott Van Zyl. In addition to being a hunter himself, Van Zyl ran a “safari” business where he led clients on big game hunts.

    He preyed on animals including lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and elephants.

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    In 2017, Van Zyl visited Zimbabwe on one of his hunting expeditions. However, he didn’t come back this time.

    According to the BBC, the hunter set out with a pack of hounds and a local tracker. When his tracker dogs didn’t find him when he went in search of crocodiles on his own, it was assumed that he had vanished.

    Along the riverbank, his footprints and luggage were recovered. Local authorities examined the crocodiles. and found human remains that were identified as belonging to Van Zyl by a DNA test.

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    When the incident broke, many people said that he deserved it and that it was payback for killing so many animals.

    One Green Planet feels that the story highlights why trophy hunting should be outlawed since it puts hunters’ lives in danger, even though it does not condone the hunter’s passing.

    Let’s face it, Zyl shouldn’t have gone hunting in the first place, they said. We must consider whether the “thrill of the chase” is really worth putting your own life in jeopardy and intentionally taking the lives of others.

    What do you think of the story? Do you think it’s correct to state that the hunter deserved what happened to him? Let us know what you think of this post!